What is RE+?

Re+ is a heating muscle serum.
Re+ is a topical water based serum.
Re+ leaves no redness
Re+ has a sweet smell unlike other products of its type.
Re+ contains Magnesium due to it being water based.
Re+ is non greasy
Re+ causes minimal irritation (skin types vary)
Re+ can be an alternative for persons that cannot take oral pain relief.
Re+ in non-medicinal.
Re+ contains essential oils.
Re+ contains HOTFLUX technology.
Re+ is for use only on your skin.

What are benefits of using RE+?

Re+ could provide pain relief locally to the effected area.
Re+ could offer additional benefits, such as heat therapy, which can assist with healing and recovery.
We recommend Re+ pre and post exercise.
Re+ contains active ingredients that could provide benefits to pre and post exercise.
We recommend Re+ to help relieve muscular aches, pains & soreness.
We recommend Re+ to help relieve stiffness including joints & back.
We recommend Re+ for muscular strains & sprains.
Applying Re+ on the skin allows it to penetrate warmth into the affected area. Providing relief of aching, injured and sore muscles.
Re+ can help relax and soothe muscular tension.
Re+ is designed to aid with the relief of aches and pains.
Re+ is designed to soothe and relax your muscles after physical activity.
Re+ can alleviate symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) through effective application onto your problem areas.
Re+ Heat therapy helps to increase blood supply.
Re+ Heat therapy causes the blood vessels to Vasodilate, bringing more oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to an area.This can help muscles and joints become more flexible and increase movement. Range of motion can be improved.This process helps repair the damaged tissue and aid the healing process.